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This is my sports and fitness page, with links and info on sporty stuff. The Rocky Club blog has moved here.

I mostly use a jump rope for getting fit. I have a leather rope that is about 25 years old and still going strong. That's probably because it hasn't been used for a long time. It is the one I use most of the time and it is 9' long. I also have one that is a year old and 9' 6" long, plus a 9' plastic one. I don't use the plastic one much, but is faster and good for tricks.

I am looking to buy a LifelineUSA extra heavy speed rope. The rope weighs 1-1/4lb. There is also a 3/4lb rope

One thing I like doing to get fit is skipping, or jump roping as the Americans call it. So, as you can guess there will be a few links (or lots) to sites that deal with that sort of equipment. There are a lot out there. There is The Strength Company who sell a lot of equipment including that from LifelineUSA. I have my eye on their 1lb 8oz jump rope. All the weight is in the rope. to see this rope in action go to Heavy Weighted Jump Ropes.

Here is a workout for you on LifeLineUSA's website. I shall be trying it this week starting tonight (I'm on nights), 17Mar10 as well as the one below.

There is one video called Martial Arts Warrior Training: Jump Ropes I have on my playlist on Ehow that I am using to give me a goal and that goal is to work up to skipping for 30 minutes in one session. Easy? I don't think so. I tried to do 3 x 3 minute sessions tonight with a 1 minute rest in between. I managed 2min, 2min 30 sec and 2 min 50 sec. So I have a way to go before I reach 3 x 3 minute sessions. After I can do them easily I will drop the minute rest and build up from 9 minutes to 30. Hard work but it is going to be worth it. I reckon I should be able to do it by the end of March. Place your bets:-)

Buddy Lee - he is well worth watching. Have a look at his videos on his site and be amazed! Look at what some of the people can do in his videos. I was. I was seriously impressed! He sells his various jump ropes on his sites in the States but not over here in Blighty but they are worth looking at.

A friend uses kettle bells for training, so I have put some links here provided by him. provide kettlebells (World Leader in kettlebells - says so on their website) and other things performance related. They also supply newsletters and a free course worth $17 called Super-Strong Abs the "Naked Warrior" way by #1 fitness authority Pavel Tsatsouline

Talking about skipping, I found a couple of videos of me skipping from 2008. In them I look a lot larger than I am now, so I will have to do one or two at the weekend when I am on nights (27/28Mar10) for comparison. Cross arm technique and skipping fast. They are .mov files so hopefully you will be able to play them. I have clicked on the links on my Linux box and they open OK in Xine so I am sure they will open on windows boxes as well, probably in Media Player or whatever media player you have set to play ./mov files. They are approx 8MB and 6MB so I will change them later on to a different, smaller format. Comments expected and welcome. Why not add comments to my blog

Hub pages has this page on kettlebells. There are other pages on hub pages, maybe a look around will find similar pages.

Ezine article on kettlebells, the most efficient way to lose weight:-)

Martial Arts

Wushu - a Chinese martial art. this link is for classes on the Wirral. I will look for classes elsewhere. Must add to my todo list. Another page to add!

my bikes computery stuff cute animals Derion gardening geek stuff hoaxes howtos home jokes jokes 2 menu code newsflashes Rocky Club Blog scenery security stories template text jokes useful links

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