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"My Bikes Throughout The Years

I shall put pictures on here of all of the bikes that I have had, from an NVT Easy Rider II Speed (first) to a Honda CB650 (last).

I have the Trimph Thunderbird 900 first because I haven't got photos of the ZRX1100 ready for putting on her. Very soon. All the rest are in chronological order, from the NVT Easy Rider II Speed to the Triumph Thunderbird 900. My mum kindly let me strip down and rebuild the CB650 engine in her kitchen all those years ago. Thanks mum (and dad), sadly now passed on.

My Thunderbird

There will soon be some more photos on here of the Thunderbird. It's not the best any more, after the front cam chain guide broke into 4 and the cam chain decided it had had enough. And so have I, so I changed it.

So here are some of the rest of my bikes. Starting with the first one, an NVT Easy Rider 2 Speed. This was taken a long time ago with a 126 camera and the quality isn't very good. I may have other photos of it somewhere.

NVT Easy Rider 2 speed

Next we have a couple of pictures that show what can be achieved with a screwdriver and a bit of rag. My CB650 needed a bit of a strip down and rebuild. So I did it. In my mum's kitchen. Thanks mum. But there wasn't a drop of oil on the carpet - it was on the path outside!

CB650 engine in pieces.

Here we have a collection of 125's - 2 MZ's and a Honda.2 MZ's and a Honda

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